We already present first photos of our platform equipped with electric or hybrid drive


Do You know that the electric drive is almost 8 times cheaper then petrol in daily use?


Do You know that thanks to low noise level Your employees could be 15% more efficient?


We used high quality Italian axles, equipped with disk brakes, parking negative brake, LSD (Limited Slip Differential) used in heavy working machines.


All of our machines, which require advanced control system, we use Siemens PLCs.


We offer many options which will increase utility functions of our machine: forks, wide tires, additional control panels, automatic steering system and many others.

Main features


Hydraulic control of four wheel drive with overload function


High quality AC motor controller provides maximum torque at full speed range


Quiet and economical working of the drive system increases operator comfort level


Universal mounting plate for accessories: forks, hooks, plows, etc.

Narrow and wide at the same time?

Closed platform has only 1250mm width, but thanks to dedicated opening system it can spread to 2450mm. The maximum range of operators hands is 4100mm

Low and high?

The minimum height of the platform is 1120mm. The maximum from 2600 to 3100mm.